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Wise crew foundation is an NGO aimed at rendering help to the less privilege people, through,worldwide perform a wide range of services aimed towards human wellbeing and social welfare. Our organizations relentlessly work towards development and bringing a positive change in the society Wise Crew have different structures, activities and policies, we are committed towards their cause and perform their functions to achieve our respective goals.
The work done by Our team goes a long way in nation building. With the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Act mandating 2% spend by large corporate on social issues, NGOs have the potential to touch millions of more lives through their work. Over the years, Wise crew Foundation have streamlined their operations and enhanced their scales. Functioning of established NGOs is akin to big corporate organizations – there are well-defined KPIs and targets to meet. We are  transparent in our  work and ensure that the funds raised benefit those for whom they are intended. This is a good trend, larger and more accountable NGOs will be able to deliver more effectively and efficiently, making best use of resources. Wise crew foundation are already proving to be agents of change. In times to come, we will continue to play a significant role in helping large sections of the Nigeria society come out from the quagmire of poverty and distress.

Wise crew outreach

Wise Crew Foundation Staffs

Wise crew foundation memberstaking photo during community outreach

Wise crew staffs with rural villagers

Wise crew foundation members taking photo with one of the community chiefs

Every Nigerian Deserves more to life...

Our vision for every child, Life in all its fullness.Our prayer for every heart, the will to make it so.